Cowering in a closet is starting to seem like a reasonable plan.

At least from a preschool director perspective.

I called the girls' school this a.m. to bring them up to speed on the girls' health, as Miss O left early Monday because she was sick and neither of them has been back since. The school sent out a "School Flu Policy" email today, and I just wanted them to know, mostly, that the girls were still ill, but negative for Type A.

And then idiot me mentioned I tested positive for Type A.

Hand to dog, I spent 10 minutes talking to the director and the owner detailing when I was last there (5 days before I tested positive for Type A), when I tested positive, when the girls tested negative, my doctor's contact info ... only to be called back and asked to keep the girls home until I get my test results back. You know, sometime next week.

I was hoping the girls were coming back tomorrow, but now Dave is being all devil's advocate-y and saying "well, what if you're still contagious? That would mean this whole week of isolation was for nothing." Well, yeah, if you're going to go and use logic.

Gah. I miss my girls. I haven't seen them in a week and while it was really nice while I was feeling like death, now that I feel pretty good, it's lonely. And boring. I mean, seriously - how much HGTV can a person watch without calling upon the powers of darkness and doing tons of decoupage? Do you know I actually watched TMZ this evening? And found it funny.


Julia said...

Oh my. Is Dave taking time off work to care for the girls until you get the results back? I'm sure the girls miss you too. Poor Olivia probably has no clue what happened in her world. Hope this resolves itself soon. It must be killing you to be away from the girls for this length of time.

Melissa said...

Oh lord Vick. I'm just catching up on this now. What a mess... Glad the girls are okay and you're well on the mend. I'm not sure if I mentioned it before, but I'm a nurse - and holy smoke, you would not believe the uproar over all this. Wayyyy out of proportion to what's going on... Anyway, hope your little people are home safe and sound with you soon!

Mary~Momathon said...

I'm sorry you have been so sick! Hope you are better very soon and back to having your girls in your lap!

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