I've got to learn to just do the damage and leave town. It's the stay-'n'-gloat that gets me every time.

I am taking my usual reservedness and turning it on it's head today.

I'm meeting my boss at Pachanga Latino Music Festival today. Not in a totally fun/social capacity - we've been guest-listed to meet the guys that put it together and to see how they do things. I know, it's a tough gig I've landed myself. It looks like a pretty cool event, and if I had the kiddos this weekend, there is a ton of kid-friendly stuff as well. Since it's going to be 90+ degrees, I'll be arming myself with sunscreen and a tank top for this work function ... and I imagine a few cold beverages as well. I've gotta keep cool and not dehydrate, people!

After that, I'm off to my coworker's house to meet her family and sample smoked salmon her sister brought back from Alaska this week. Her sister also makes some beautiful found-glass jewelry that I want to check out.

By the way, I've been listening to one of the Pachanga Fest bands, Los Bad Apples, while I blog and the music is totally addictive.

I am also considering - considering - going out tonight with some folks from a local single parents meetup group. Part of the consideration is thinking about just booking a hotel room down south so I don't have to drive home if I do all this. Especially the night thing. Pachanga + coworker's house, it's okay to be a little less than dolled-up. But there's no way I can do Pachanga and the get-together without showing and changing - and by the time I drive all the way home around 6-7:00, it'll be hard to motivate me back out. But if I just brought a change of clothes and stayed downtown ...

I know, it's a tough life. I really should just come home and relax, get caught up on sleep, etc. I've got next weekend off too ...


Julia said...

Nice! We just hit up SoCo this morning, and if I could just convince Howie to move downtown or let me stay a weekend solo at Hotel San Jose, I'd be a happy gal.

tobethode said...

Wow, you are busy busy. :)

Have a great time!!!

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