Two days down, a kajillion to go ...

Bean and I were talking yesterday, and I can't remember exactly what she said first, but it was something silly. When I said she was being silly, she followed it up by saying "I was just kidding around. I just wanted to set up a joke material for you."

Better yet was when I was giving my mom the run down of things she could do with the girls while they were all here yesterday, and I started talking about painting. "You can always let them p-a-i-n-t if you want. There are brushes and stuff in the closet and both girls like to do it." My mom may better recall what exactly Bean said, but the gist was: "You're talking about paint. That's what you keep in the closet."

So, no more spelling if there are context clues involved.

When I left for work yesterday, Bean flipped out - crying and screaming and running out to the garage. It was the first time I'd left her after being reunited with the kids, and she was not happy about letting me out of her sight :( I held her and talked to her, got her calmed down and promised I'd be back. Hopefully by my keeping that promise, she'll be fine going forward.

It's definitely tough juggling everything at night when I get home from work, and getting them to bed at a decent time. My parents aren't really able to get good naps for the girls, so hopefully when they return to school, they'll be napping again and the evenings won't see me coming home to exhausted kids :) But getting into a real routine, instead of this kind of suspended animation of my parents pitching in and helping (a ton!), will be nice when it finally happens!

Those of you who have done the working parent(s) thing for awhile, how long does it take to feel comfy with the routine?


Melissa said...

Well, we're only a week in - but holy jeez, it'll be nice when this is our new 'normal'. Thankfully, R doesn't scream anymore when I drop her off. Sometimes she's a bit whimpery, but she's happy to go to her DCP. Phew! I find it particularly tough at night - I'm beat, but I still have to feed, bathe and spend time with the little heathens. It's coming together though; both girls are already starting to fall into step. How's work going? Are you enjoying it? You know, I may have to start my own blog so I'm not just a talking head! lol

tobethode said...

It was tough for me and I only had one at the time. I would say it took a few weeks before things were easier but Johnny was an infant and I am sure it would be different with two biger kiddos.

You will get there. I hope Bean is better fromhere on for you.

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