Day three

Melissa, I like the talking head thing, so feel free to comment away :) But let me know if you do start blogging - I'll definitely want to read it!

My parents have been on babysitting duty all week, and will likely finish the week as the girls' day care providers. Sorry guys! I just sent an email to the real daycare, showing them this link from the local paper about state lab testing for H1N1. It's entirely possible that my results will be indefinitely delayed as they work through their backlog, and if the school maintains their "we need your results" stance, who knows when the girls will be able to go back. So I suggested we just go with Monday.

I really hope they are on board ... the girls need the structure of school, I think, to make sure they're napping an eating well. My parents are doing a great job, but having a hard time with napping and getting the girls to eat; and when I'm getting home to two exhausted kids at 6:30, I can't exactly whip up a full meal. So they're in this cycle of carb loading and exhaustion. Miss O is sleeping for crap at night and I am just wiped out!

Miss O is one strong-willed little bugger ... is it wrong that I like Bean a bajillion times more sometimes? O will sleep all night at Dave's, and nap for an hour or more. With me, if I get her to nap on her own, the most I can hope for is 45 minutes, and she is back to waking up 4-5 times a night. And screaming when she does, partly because I'm not nursing her (mostly, by the last wake-up I just let her latch on. I don't think she's getting anything, but whatever). But I think part of it is just that she's so chronically overtired.

With my folks, she won't nap at all unless my dad walks her to sleep, then lays down with her asleep on him. Even so, they get maybe 30 minutes from her. Her one day at school, she slept on a mat for 2 stinkin' hours. And Bean naps almost every day at school. But never at home.

Le sigh. I wish I knew where they got this pig-headedness from. Probably their dad, as I'm as flexible and easy-going as can be ...

When I'm at work, I am loving being a working mommy. The evenings still suck, from a time management perspective, but I envision this as being really good for the three of us once we really have a routine down. And being a single working mommy has some real benefits, as far as after-hours work stuff goes - if I have some notice, I can just coordinate with Dave and not have the kids for the morning or evening. It's kind of nice ... you know, sometimes I think that I may never get married again ...


tobethode said...

Blogger is really being horrible to me!!!!!

Anyways, I hopet the girls can go back to school soon. I was thinking of you yesterday when someone got their results back in 3 days. I understand why, but it sucks it takes so long there.

I am glad you are liking the job. :)

Julia said...

Sounds like things can only get better from here on out! I'll bet once you get on a routine and the girls are napping at school, your evenings will be less hectic.

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