Ponies, ponies everywhere

Pony-related Beanisms of the morning:

Thank you for buying me all these pink ponies. Once they see their homeland they will be happy.

They still like Rainbow Dash, even though she's not pink.
All the ponies are saying they have their brand new island. Now, Rainbow Dash doesn't have to go in anymore. Flower Butt has to go in though.
I now have like 10 My Little Ponies sitting on my mousepad - their island - and they're making me feel a little claustrophobic. Miss O has liberated a few, but I'm still being stared down by a handful of flat, expressionless eyes. And it's a little creepy.

I've given up on not nursing Miss O at night. The screaming is just Legen -wait for it- dary. And I can either have her working herself into hysterics, waking Bean and eating away even more of my fractured sleep, or I can let her work on reestablishing my milk supply as I drift off. Which one do you think I prefer?

Well, *prefer* might not be the right word, but there's one that makes my life easier in the short-term, and you're damn Skippy that's the route I'm going. It's either that or me spending a half hour at a time trying to make her be quiet and resenting the ever-loving heck out of her. To the point where at 2 a.m. I'm thinking "I wonder if I could modify the custody agreement and just give O to Dave forever and just keep Bean ... "

We've been hosting a career fair and career-related workshops at work for the past few days. Turnout has been awesome, and it's great to be doing something to help people with their job search. We had close to 200 people show up for the career fair on Wednesday, and each of the 12-13 companies there had at least 5 jobs available. I know that at least one of the participants already has an interview scheduled.

Yesterday one of our workshop speakers was a no-show, so the guys who were doing the videotaping stepped up to the plate with a presentation they had with them on using social media. If there's anyone local who needs some filming work done - or speaking on social media - think about Reel social Media. Their presentation was funny and engaging, and provided tons of useful info. And they're just really nice guys.

They also made me realize I am going to have to start Tweeting ... I've been resisting, but it's time for me to be assimilated ... I know you're all waiting with baited breath, so I'll post my id as soon as I sign up. 'Course that'll mean not falling asleep with the girls again tonight :)


Julia said...

I think once you start tweeting, you'll like it. There are times when I feel like ditching the facebook page and just tweet, less garbage to wade through and people just tweet what they fb anyways.

tobethode said...

I'll be tweeting once I get my blackberry. :)

I don't blame you for nursing at night. How is your supply doing with that? I can just feel the pain with the screaming at night. It sucks. Bad.

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