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Happy Mother's Day to all my mommy readers. Whether you have one or twelve, whether they're four-legged, two-legged or no-legged (I'm thinking fish and rocks here), enjoy your day!

I am still in shock over Miss O sleeping through the night. I fell asleep with them last night and woke around 11:00, stayed up for an hour farting around on the Interwebz, then laid down in my room. Miss O woke me once around 1:30, but she did what Dave said she does at his place: made a few sounds, then went back to sleep. It wasn't until almost 6:00 that she woke up and meant it. A friend suggested I view it as a Mother's Day gift, and I definitely will. Now to just keep the disappointment at a minimum when it isn't replicated tonight ...

My parents and sister hooked me up with some sweet cards for Mother's Day, and my folks thought to get a card for me from the girls, so I didn't miss out - thanks guys!! Bean has informed me that the drawing inside is a "googly-woogly-boo-goo-goo. That's a silly picture."

I took the littles to Lakeshore Learning yesterday and they made me some cute stuff, including a fabu construction paper and sparkly sticker purse that Bean wrote her whole name on by herself. (Well, except the "B", but she nailed the "S", which is far more complex in my book.) She said "that way you know it's from me!", in case I confused it with a gift from a grown-up, I guess :)

Miss O got two naps yesterday, so she wasn't quite the mess she has been - 45 minutes in the morning and 30 minutes in the car in the afternoon. We capped off a great day with dinner at Chipotle, and both girls ate really well.

I've captured a few great Beanisms so far this weekend:

Bean: I want to look at the inside of a morning glory flower
Mommy: We'll look in the morning, it's time for bed.
Bean: Will you remember that I want to look?
Mommy: Yes, I will.
Bean: Can you write it down so Olivia doesn't take it out of your brain?

Mommy: One of the cats threw up, be careful
Bean: It looks like vomit, mommy.

You took me to a cemetery! THANK YOU mommy!!

One day, Miss O will die and she will be buried at the cemetery. And I will die, and mommy and daddy and we will all be buried together.

Look at all the headstones!
My macabre kid ... And my favorite:
Every day it's hard for me to concentrate because it's too amazing for me.
I know exactly what you mean, Bean.


satmst said...

Congrats on the one night of sleep... I would definitely take that as a Mother's day gift. :)

That is great your parents thought to get you a card from the girls. Very, very sweet of them.

I am glad you had a great Mother's Day Vick!

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