Can you cry? Sometimes I feel better when I cry.

Miss O, meet Dr. Ferber. Dr. Ferber, Miss O.

When after an hour and fifteen minutes of O refusing to go to sleep I found myself too close to the edge, I turned her crib/toddler bed to face the wall, carried Bean to my room and closed the door. She's screaming bloody murder but it's either this or me spanking her and screaming at her because I. have. had. it. with this sh*tty sleep. Had it. I am not going to spend the teeny tiny little window of free time I get patting her ass while she fusses and babbles and refuses to sleep. I've spent 17 months kissing her ass and I'm done.

Can you tell I'm mad? And frustrated as hell? If she slept for crap everywhere else, my fuse probably wouldn't be quite this short, but knowing she falls asleep easily and stays asleep at Dave's and at daycare really doesn't add to my patience.

Bean, out of the blue: I think it was a boy that crashed Paul
Mommy, in aural double-take mode: Ummm ... why do you think it was a boy?
B: Because Paul is friends with Kelli, but he isn't friends with the person who killed him
M: ... ... ... Noooo, he probably isn't friends with the person who killed him. But why do you think it's a boy that crashed into Paul?
B: I think it was a boy that killed him because boys are allergic to other boys

Well you just can't argue with that, can you?

It's been quiet in O's room for awhile, so she's either cried herself to sleep or is playing possum. And of course, idiot me is going to check ... hold please ... she's asleep.

I still really don't like the idea of letting infants cry, since under 9-12 months or so, they may still be waking because they truly need to eat. But since O has proven, time and again, that she is capable of falling to sleep quickly, and staying asleep all night, I just don't know what else to do.

And since this post has been as 'all over the place' as my moods this evening, I'll leave you with a website I discovered a few days back, forgot to share, and was reminded of again tonight via MissSingleMama's Tweets: Awkward Family Photos.



Julia said...

Sorry you have to resort to letting Miss O cry, but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do. new to me. website. ever.

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