There are books on computers? Isn't the point of computers to replace books?

I use a 24-inch iMac at work, and am trying to convince myself that I do not need to replace my home PC with a home iMac. I have my happy little MacBook, just bought a 1TB external HD for the PC to really boost my storage ... there's no need for something this glorious, is there?

There are two things that would push me past the tipping point on this - if I knew I could reformat my external HD from PC to Mac, and if I knew I could suck everything I needed off the PC and onto the Mac without having to pay someone to come do it. Because right now, it's only my sub-par tech savvy that's holding me back. I'm the type that knows enough to be dangerous, and it's a minor miracle that I haven't gone through and purged everything on the PC by accident when I do my file-by-file cleanups.

My Mac is reaching capacity, so I need to start shifting some photos to the external HD, too ... but that's an archaic game of load photos from Mac to USB key, dump photos from USB key to PC's external HD. And if I ever figure out how to reformat the external HD, I'll have to migrate everything back to the PC and MacBook anyways.

I'm tellin' ya - reason #1 I miss having a hubby is that all I would have had to do is buy the iMac and then one night everything would just happen for me and I'd wake up, like a kid on Christmas, to a magical new world.


Julia said...

I keep my photos on Flickr (pro account, $24 per year fee?) and DVDs in a bank vault. It helps to organize the photos without sucking up too much HD space. I have the 24 in. Mac, and it ROCKS. I'm no help in talking you out of it.

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