This may sting a little just at first

I am fixated on getting a tattoo.

I know, I know, I've talked about this before. But it hasn't gone away, it's been lurking in the back of my mind and just popped back to the forefront.

I'm trying to decide between a phoenix and a wolf. The phoenix for the whole 'rising from the ashes' symbolism bit, and the wolf because it's my totem animal. Yeah, I'm not exactly Native American, but I do have a few cc's of it mixed into my 6 liters of European white girl O negative, and I totally dig on some of the symbolism and animal totems.

I had long vacillated on where to put it, shying away from my number one choice, the lower back, because people refer to tats there as tramp stamps. But you know what? I'm going to embrace my inner tramp and put the tat where *I* want it, so lower back it is. I've gotten to a point, figure- and weight-wise where that portion of skin is sometimes showing anyways, between shirts that actually fit and pants that ride on my hips, so it's a good place to put it. I can keep it covered if I want, or I can let it peek out.

Ive heard a lot of good things about Chris Gunn down at Southside, and he's my first choice, but since there are barriers to an impulse decision - he wants to meet clients first, discuss what they want, and then his waiting list is around a month long - if anyone in the area wants to recommend someone else, I'll look into it. Because y'all know me: if there are too many hurdles between me and something I want, I am pokey as hell about clearing them. But I'm not willing to go somewhere that isn't well-recommended. And my understanding is that Chris is really good with newbies and that he does quality work.

I'm working on sorting through the kajillion tat pics on the web to build up a few choices of wolf and phoenix, but if you have a preference or a linky to one you love, go ahead and share it in the comments. I don't want something huge, or that will take a billion hours. I'm torn between the simple, black tribal-inspired tats like this one and a more arty, stylized one like this.

Whaddaya think? Good idea? Will I actually do it? {wink}


Melissa said...

Ooooh, we really are living parallel lives! I've been reading and not commenting much (run ragged between work & two sick kids!) but I couldn't pass this up... I am totally going for a tattoo! My ex was so against them, so I kind of shelved the idea. I've been scoping local artists for about three months now though and coming up with a cool design... But I'm totally stumped on where to put it. I'd go lower back, but I have a scar there from surgery. So I was thinking upper back, between my shoulder blades... but then how would I show it off really? Anway, very cool - I definitely say go for it. And I have one totally nosy question - what kind of custody sharing agreement are you and Dave working right now? We're doing the standard EOWeekend (and that's it) but I'm wondering if we could have more flexibility, or if that would come back to bite me on the ass...

tobethode said...

I say go with the guy you have heard good things about. He sounds really good about making sure his client is happy. What I would do is go in with a few pics, one of each type (artsy and b/w) and then talk to him. See what he says and what he can come up with for you. A good artist will draw for you what you want, to your specifications. Give him a call and set up the meeting. You can wait another month to get it done. Trust me. It is worth the wait for someone good.

BTW, I will not be the one to talk you out of this. I have 3 tattoos now and am planning on 2 more. I do have a tramp stamp. Whatever. I know I am not a tramp. LOL

Kelly said...

Go for it Vick. I am going to get another tattoo. I have one on my right hip and now I'm going to get one on my left hip. I'm doing Japanese Fish, one red and one green (K's birthstone is Emerald and R's is Ruby). They are swimming in a circle. I am going to wait though until after the summer because you have to wait like 10 days to go swimming and well, I don't want to not be able to go swimming for 10 days.

On another note, there are lots of good artists out there, without having to wait for a month for one particular guy. Find a good one and go for it.

I also like the artsy phoenix idea. It is so totally you. You have risen above it all more than once in your life and every single time, you come out better. I'm so excited for you!

pam said...

AMEN to Kelly's last paragraph!!!

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