I believe that's the dance of a brave little toaster.

Things that can boil a mommy's blood. Getting this via email:

"Believe it or not, Debbie told me that O is the first one she puts down for a nap - in the middle - because she is the quickest and easiest to go to sleep for her."

When the Junior Turdburger being discussed fights mommy for 30 minutes before finally acquiescing to a 30-minute nap. But at daycare, she's easy and sleeps about 2 hours. Every day. On a damn little mat on the floor. This same Jr. TB sleeps through the night at her dad's, but keeps me up for an hour or two in the middle of the night for shiggles.

Grrr ... she's lucky she's so damn cute.

Yes, that's Henry Rollins she's dancing to. Bean can name that tune in about the first four beats. Ditto for his "Your Number Is One". My kids rule.

I just returned from a fab dinner at Cafe Bleu on Lake Travis. There is just something so ... centering about being near the water. It's something I've been missing a lot lately, without even realizing how much it does for me. The food was great, the views wonderful and the atmosphere absolutely perfect - that kind of beachy-casual meets fine dining that I was so used to when I lived in a beach town.

And that hankering for the beach and the beach town - and the need to reconnect - has me roughing out plans to attend my class reunion in Sarasota. Not for the school I graduated from (errr ... *would* have graduated from), but for the school I attended from 4th-10th grades. I've already cleared the weekend swap with Dave, and I just need to double-check about taking a long weekend at work.

Even better than the reconnecting, is the chance to see my BFF, Kelly. I haven't seen her in almost nine years - not since I attended my goddaughter's baptism. I asked her if she could be in Sarasota that weekend. Her response? "For you I'd move mountains." I'm so loved :)

Now I just need a date for the reunion dinner and I'll be all set ... maybe I'll do the evening cocktails thing instead, since flying solo for that won't be as obvious (or lame).


Anonymous said...

You sound so well Vick. As always, Miss O is adorable!!! I fear I have a horror for mommy, good for everyone else baby. Fun times! I guess you should be glad she shows her good side in public, huh? ;)

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