I told one lie. I had one drink.

What a day. Did I really sleep until close to noon this morning? You bet your tush I did.

Pachanga Fest was really cool. Los Bad Apples were great, as was Gaby Moreno. I still have the beats from Los Bad Apples running in my head. It's a band I would have much, MUCH rather preferred to hear at night, in a club, with a few drinks under my belt and *not* with my boss so I could have freed my hips to do as they pleased. I may have to catch them at a bar one night ...

What also rocked was VIP status. Dan noticed the VIP area, and lo and behold, the armbands the event production guy left for us at the gate got us into the land of free food, free drinks and air conditioned comfort. And, bonus - real potties, not porta-potties. In this mystical land, I was introduced to a Michelada - which they prepared as essentially a bloody mary with beer instead of vodka. It doesn't sound fab, but it actually tasted really good. And as I had quite the buzz from a couple Austin Ambers out in the sun, it was nice to sit, stuff my face with yumm-o food and drink something with less alcohol. Dan said they were supposed to have soda water, lime and hot sauce instead of bloody mary mix, but that got a big old what-ever from me- I thought they were just fine as is.

I had fun with my coworker, Linda's, family as well - very nice people, with a very sweet Basset Hound. Linda's sister, Jinnifer, makes gorgeous jewelry from beach glass. I sprang for a cool silver necklace with a silver-wrapped hunk o' green glass. I slowed down on beers and paced myself here, then stopped for Starbucks iced coffee on the way home. All sweet and nummy.

As I was driving home, I was thinking about going out again. I know, I said it was a long-ass drive and I didn't want to make it after drinking. But I really, really wanted to take my comfort zone and stretch it to the max ... And besides, this is kinda what I need to get back into. Not necessarily the drinking part, but the social scene. Especially when I get these whole weekends off, right?

I did what I said I wouldn't and came all the way home only to go back out again. And I didn't shower, either. And I drove all the way *back* downtown to go out.

The band was totally worth it. Julia, Cindy, Shirley - they're playing on July 4th again and y'all have got to go with me. The band is called The Spazmatics and the are an 80's new wave cover band. They're funny as hell and play songs we all know by heart. With the exception of being hit on by some generic creepy guy (who I totally lied to and told I wasn't there alone), it was a blast.

And Kelly, I missed the hell out of you, especially when they played "Blister in the Sun". I mean, seriously. Were we not just talking about that song? We totally need to find an 80's cover band to go see when I'm in SRQ next month.

So now, after lunch with Shirley, I am beginning my "do nothing weekend" at 2:00 on Sunday. I'm tellin' ya - it's a rough life sometimes ...


Julia said...

I have seen Spazmatics. My sis even wanted to hire them for her wedding, but she went with mariachi band instead. They are hilarious to watch. I think they did a gig once on the Hill Country Flyer for the New Year's Eve party, but I was a bit toasted to remember clearly. If we're around town on the 4th, I'd love to go. We're usually in Bi g D.

Dawn said...

Love the Spazmatics! They played the last wedding I shot in April. I have heard so many people make reference to them lately - they must be gaining in popularity.

Glad you had a good time! I am jealous of your single girl stuff. :)

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